About Us

Experts in consulting and experienced specialists in introducing companies to the German and Albanian markets.

Who are we?

LEMARRC Advisor Ltd. is a consulting company specializing in introducing companies to the German and Albanian markets, building relationships between entities, and securing financing for business development.

We create a community based on common goals, values, and passions, which has helped us become the creator of the largest Polish consulting group. In 7 years, we have built a strong position and have become the undisputed leader.

Our experience and precision in action allow us to maintain a stable position in the market, and continuous training and skill development enable us to provide the highest level of consulting services throughout Europe.

Our team

Our strategy

Our company’s strategy is based on the team’s years of experience, which constantly strives to expand their competencies and knowledge horizons. We leverage our skills into profitable and secure gains for our clients, thus significantly outperforming the competition and consistently expanding our business reach.

At LEMARRC advisor Ltd., we believe that the foundation of a well-functioning company is its people.

We are a team of specialists that continuously achieves new goals and gathers valuable experiences to make the introduction of companies to the German and Albanian markets, as well as maintaining relationships with stakeholders, fruitful for the partners who have entrusted us.

We are growing so that our success leads to the success of the companies that have trusted us!

We set the directions for the development of enterprises, assist in financing acquisition, establish valuable contacts, provide strategic consultancy in Germany and Albania, and build teams of competent specialists abroad. The solutions we create are tailored to the individual needs and expectations of our clients, and the value of projects and consortia implemented by companies in the German and Albanian markets is long-term and precisely planned.

About us